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Better Way Dealer Services is a full-service automotive Fixed Operations consulting firm. Our partnered dealers benefit from better managed service and parts departments, higher profits for fixed operations, increased ROI on warranty and parts work, less employee turnover, improved CSI scores and better customer retention rates.

Tired of getting paid a lower rate on warranty claims?

No Cost Evaluation

At no cost to the dealership, reach out to Better Way Dealer Services and a consultant will start the process for you. We will determine the amount of opportunity both Service and Parts can obtain. All the information provided is kept confidential.

We Handle the Roadblocks

State laws layout tedious and time-consuming processes for submitting to the manufacturer for reimbursement at retail rate. This usually ends up with a declined submission or no one even submitting to the manufacturer.

Increase Your Reimbursement Rates

I would prepare and calculate an estimated New rate and the ROI it will generate prior to the submission. If it doesn’t make sense then I can help guide you with escalators/matrix and better business practices so that you can generate a ROI that does make sense for you.

Start to Finish Services

Let our experienced consultants handle the process now and going forward. Then you never have to worry about stalled and outdated warranty reimbursement rates again. Annual contracts available so you never miss a new rate submission again.

Increase Your Markup

If your team is not familiar with the process, it usually ends up with a declined submission. Lack of experience by the fixed managers, turnover in fixed managers or executive levels leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue each year by the dealership.

No Charge Until Approved by Manufacturer

One-time charge and no obligation contract provide you with the peace of mind that you only pay after the rate increase is approved by the manufacturer.

About Us

Better Way Dealer Services’ CEO, John Keester, has worked in the retail automotive industry for over 20 years.  His experience is benefited by his tours of duty as a service advisor, service manager, fixed operations manager in both single point and multi-unit dealerships. He has a network of dealer friends and references who will speak in highly positive fashion about him personally – and about his industry knowledge and effectiveness.

"John and Better Way Dealer Services orchestrated our teams internal processes and was able to move our labor rate above $220/hour as well as our parts rate at cost plus 150%! The ROI we were leaving on the table was eye-opening. If you don`t have this company managing your warranty rates for you then you`re definitely missing out on hundreds of thousands in fixed revenue per year. "
Mitch Morton
GM Hyundai of Orange Park

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Your Path To Untapped Profits in Automotive Retailing